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Kim Chi & Naomi Mad Maxine, Soot Yourself Palette - Vegan


Valentines Edition Mystery Box💘


Modelle Lipstick


Rainbow Sharts Palette by Kim Chi


Cream Puff Lip Gloss


Snow Cone Lip Gloss


Mellow Drama Lip Gloss


I'd like to keep it on please Mask


Katya Pentagram T-Shirt


Summer Of Love Blush Palette


Katya Math T-Shirt


Mod Blush Palette


Trixie & Katya’s Guide To Modern Womanhood


Finger Hands


Limited Edition Baby Doll Glitter


Kim Chi Lavender Mirror


Jujubee Meeeooww Jumper


Trixie & Katya Faces T-Shirt


Santa's Slay Lip Gloss


Happy Palette 01 - You Make Me Happy


Trixie & Katya Comic T-Shirt


Juicy Nine Palette - Mango Tango


Carol Anne Glitter


Kim Chi & Naomi Sunkissed In June Palette - Vegan